Fiscal Management Calendar of Events

09/16/2018 to 10/06/2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Fourth Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Report, Acknowledgment & Reporting Forms Available

Physical Inventory of Capital Assets Certification Due

External/Internal Property Transfers Due in SPA

Class and Item Report Due

USPS Employee Union Deduction Report 96 Available

USPS Overpayment Report 549 Available

Payroll Due Date Paid 10/1/18

Fourth Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Report, Acknowledgment & Reporting Forms Due

Direct Deposit Deadline Paid 10/1/18

Interfund Activities Entered into USAS

Simplified Reporting GR Reconciliation Due

SEFA Pass-Through Certification

SPTR Pass-Through Certification

Simplified Reporting Certification of SPA Fiscal Balances Due

Simplified Reporting CANSS Certification

Simplified Reporting Deadline for SPA FYE Entries

Simplified Reporting Agencies Enter AY/PY Encumbrances and Payables into USAS

 Oct. 1 
Simplified Reporting LNSS Certification

Simplified Reporting LTLN Certification

Simplified Reporting DINSS Certification

Simplified Reporting AFR Submission

Simplified Reporting USAS and Interagency Activity Certification Form Due

Simplified Reporting BRS Certification

USPS Labor Statistics Report 71 Available

USPS Termed Employees Report 543 Available

23 Work Days –
184 Work Hours

Agency/Institution Deadline for Submitting Report or Statement on Emergency Leave Usage

USPS Credit Union Report 538 Available

ERS DCP Changes Report 978 Available

USPS Cancellation Report 971 Available

Payroll Due Date Paid 10/15/18