Fiscal Management Calendar of Events

08/13/2017 to 09/09/2017

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
GASB 14/39 – Component Unit Questionnaire Due

GASB Questionnaires Due

Annual Certification of Estimated Optional Retirement Program (ORP) State Contributions for Public Junior/Community Colleges Due

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Final EEO-4 Report Available to Download

USPS Employee Union Deduction Report 96 Available

USPS Overpayment Report 549 Available

Payroll Due Date Paid 09/01/17

LBJ's Birthday

GR Reimbursement for Statewide Allocated Costs Fourth Quarter Reimbursement Due

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Direct Deposit Deadline Paid 09/01/17

Final EEO-4 Report Certification Form Due to the Governor's Office

See Master Schedule of FYEC Events

 Sept. 1 
SEFA Initial Certification

SPTR Initial Certification

Agencies Must Deposit Administrative or Civil Penalties Using Appropriate Comptroller Object Code

USAS, SPA, USPS, SPRS, HRIS and TINS Online May Be Down for FYEC

CAPPS HR/Payroll Down until 9/5 for FYEC

USPS Labor Statistics Report 71 Available

USPS Termed Employees Report 543 Available

21 Work Days –
168 Work Hours

Labor Day
All Agencies Closed

USPS Credit Union Report 538 Available

ERS DCP Changes Report 978 Available

HRIS Reappointments EFT #1 Due

Payroll Due Date Paid 09/15/17

HRIS Compliance Reports Run

USPS Cancellation Report 971 Available

HRIS Reappointments EFT #2 Due

Hotel Occupancy Tax Refund Reports Available

Basis Conversion Entry in USAS