Fiscal Management Calendar of Events

September, 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Agencies Must Deposit Administrative or Civil Penalties Using Appropriate Comptroller Object Code

20 Work Days –
160 Work Hours

No Warrant Pickup

No USAS Cycle

Labor Day
All Agencies Closed

USPS Labor Statistics Report 71 Available

USPS Termed Employees Report 543 Available

Warrants Available from 08/31 Cycle

HRIS Reappointments EFT #1 Classifications/Carriers Due

USPS Credit Union Report 538 Available

ERS DCP Changes Report 978 Available

Payroll Due Date Paid 9/17/18

HRIS Compliance Reports Run

HRIS Reappointments EFT #2 Due

USPS Cancellation Report 971 Available

Hotel Occupancy Tax Refund Reports Available

Basis Conversion Entry in USAS

USPS New Hire and Transfers Report 798 Available

Direct Deposit Deadline Paid 9/17/18

Fair Value of Investments Entered into USAS

HRIS Reappointments EFT #3 Terminations Due

Veteran Workforce Summary Report Maintenance/Correction Deadline

Salary Supplementation Reports Due

APS019 for FY2018 Due

Fourth Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Report, Acknowledgment & Reporting Forms Available

Physical Inventory of Capital Assets Certification Due

External/Internal Property Transfers Due in SPA

Class and Item Report Due

USPS Employee Union Deduction Report 96 Available

USPS Overpayment Report 549 Available

Payroll Due Date Paid 10/1/18

Fourth Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Report, Acknowledgment & Reporting Forms Due

Direct Deposit Deadline Paid 10/1/18

Interfund Activities Entered into USAS

Simplified Reporting GR Reconciliation Due

SEFA Pass-Through Certification

SPTR Pass-Through Certification

Simplified Reporting Certification of SPA Fiscal Balances Due

Simplified Reporting CANSS Certification

Simplified Reporting Deadline for SPA FYE Entries

Simplified Reporting Agencies Enter AY/PY Encumbrances and Payables into USAS